Who’s a Good Boy? – Part 16: One Day I’ll Travel Far

On the TV is a camera-cop-show, Anita and Dog are sat on the small settee watching three cop cars chase down two teenage girls on a motorbike. Anita can’t help but root for the two girls, she doesn’t know why, she’s not even sure what they’re being chased down for. Anita’s eyelids are falling up and down, to the narrators law and order narration, and then just as the adverts come on. Anita falls asleep.

In her dreams, she sees huge glass spires, reaching up into grey storm clouds. She wonders through the glass forest, walking, and walking, for what feels like hours. She has accumulated a cardboard box, which is slowly filling up with small trinkets. She feels as is she has been greeted by people along her journey, each person having left her with an item, and placed within the cardboard box. Though she is unable to recall any of the interactions, merely sees that they’ve happened in the growing collection of tat in her cardboard box. In the box she can see a matchstick car, a Jammy Dodger figurine back form 2002, an original print of Moonraker from 1955, a tamogotchi with clearly leaking battery, a set of Top Trumps (Horror – Special Edition, with glow in the dark case), and a small bag of marbles (probably from a Christmas craker).

She continues through the glass forest, echoing around the glass, Anita can hear a song playing in the far distance, she can tell its a country song in its rhythm, but can’t make out which one.

Desperado is squeaking alongside her, she notices that one of his back wheels is a little bent over. The poor dog is really having to work, to pull himself along and keep at Anita’s pace. “So how’s things?” asks Desperado. Anita likes his voice, he sounds British. She had never wondered what it would be like if her dog could talk, if she had, she might have though he’d have a New York accent like she did. “I said, how’s things?” Anita, and Dog leave the glass forest and into a wonderful garden, full of colour, and the sounds of life. The country music is getting louder and louder, though Anita still can’t make out the song. Desperado barks. Anita looks down at him. “Anita, are you okay?” The cardboard box has dissolved into pulp, and Anita is holding onto the tat with her arms, using her hands as a scoop. Though some of the items are still falling from her, and onto the garden floor. “Anita”, presses Desperado, rubbing his snout on her leg. “Are you okay? I’m worried about you” Anita picks up her pace as the music gets louder, it’s quite clearly ‘State Lines’ by The Shires.

Desperado, struggling to keep up with Anita’s pace falls down, his bent back wheel has fallen off, and the garden has consumed it. Desperado, pulls himself along the grass, and through the flower beds, but Anita is starting to pull away up ahead. “Anita, are you okay? I’m worried about you” The ferns, and weeds, grow out from Desperado, into his flesh, through his internal organs. “Are you okay, Anita? You seem worried. Can I help with anything” then Desperado dies, consumed by the weeds. Anita presses on into the garden, which seems to bloom and die, and bloom again in mere seconds. In the summer house, by the pond. Anita finds a man in a latex frog mask. He, like her, has a New York accent and is asking for directions to the Office. Then he hops away, leaping into the garden. Anita, sits down in the summer house, placing the items onto the seat next to her. There are few items left. Soon there are none. A man with a latex dog mask walks into the summer house. Unlike the frog, he has a British accent. “My name is Dog, you call me Desperado”, Anita nods, she smiles as she agrees. Comforted by Desperado’s presence. Dog removes his latex mask, he is a middle aged man, with a stubbly grey beard, and very little hair on top. “It’s nice to meet you, thank you for taking me in”. Anita smiles, and waves her hands, to say ‘its a pleasure, my life is much better with you in it’. Dog takes a seat next to Anita, they hold hands.

“And so the Captain River-Smith, was expelled and the alleged criminal Jason Parker, was let go with no charges”. Anita wakes up, she rubs her eyes, to the scrolling credits of the cop show. At her side Desperado is snoring. “I need… hell” Anita lets her self fall asleep again.



Daniel Skentelbery




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